My first medium format camera

My first medium format camera

The Yashica 635 is a medium format twin lens reflect (TLR). What does this mean? It is fitted with not one, but 2 lenses. The top lenses is for the waist level viewfinder, the other is a Yashikor f/3.5 80mm lens used for capturing your images.

Yashica 635

1 roll of medium format film will produce 12 square images. However, I chose this camera as my first medium format camera for 1 main reason. By installing an adapter kit (see below) you can also shoot 35mm film in it. This means I can get up to 36 images per roll which made shooting that little bit cheaper.

 The Yashica 635 can take both 120 and 35mm film

Adapter kit

Another feature that drew me in was the ability to easily take multiple exposures. Before taking a photo you need to use a lever to set the shutter (see below). This lever can be set as many times as you like before advancing to the next frame!

Shutter lever 
Double exposure
Triple exposure 

The following sample photos were taken in Nottingham using Fujifilm C200 and the 35mm adapter

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