Pentax ME Super Repair

If you would like your Pentax ME Super repaired please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Infinite wind repair

Repair cost = £60

The Pentax ME Super can develop a common fault often referred to as 'infinite winding'. This is where you can advance the film but it won't cock the shutter. It is caused by a mirror box washer degrading and becoming sticky. To repair this issue the mirror box needs to be removed and the washer replaced. 


Film counter repair

The film counter can stop working if the camera has been dropped or incorrect reassembled by someone. Typically no replacement parts are needed, the mechanism just needs adjusting as it has been knocked out of place.


Fitting replacement light seals

If you would like the light seals replaced on your Pentax ME Super this will cost £25. However, if your camera is already in for a repair the cost will be lower.


Replacement leather finish

We also offer a replacement leather finish service which costs £40 for a Pentax ME Super. If your camera is already in for a repair the cost will be lower. 

Leather colours.jpg 


If you are getting in contact regarding a repair or refurbishment please indicate the camera model and what work you would like completed.

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