Canon AE-1 & AE-1 Program Repairs

If you would like your Canon AE-1 or Canon AE-1 Program repaired please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

"Canon Cough"

Cost = £75 

Sometimes referred to as "Canon Squeak" this is where the lubricants on the mirror movement dry up causing a high pitch noise when the shutter fires. If left the mirror box will eventually seize up completely. To properly fix this the mirror box needs to be removed the and the movement cleaned and re-lubricated. 

Shutter release magnet

Cost = £25 for the part + labour (£30)

If you have a Canon AE-1 or AE-1 Program that won't fire, but the electronics (e.g. the light meter) are working then you may have a faulty shutter release magnetic that needs replacing!

Canon AE-1 Tungsten Wire

Cost = £25 for the part + labour (£30)

The Canon AE-1 has a wire that runs from one side of the camera to the other. This is responsible for changing the shutter speed and ISO. If you camera won't change shutter speeds or the light meter doesn't change according to the ISO selected then your tungsten wire may have broken and will need replacing!

Battery door replacement

Cost = £25 for the part + labour (£30)

The battery door found on the Canon AE-1 and AE-1 Program are notorious for cracking and breaking. If this happens then a battery door can be fitted from a donor camera.

Replacing light seals

If you would like the light seals replaced on your Canon AE-1 or AE-1 Program this cost £25. If your camera is already in for a repair this cost will be lower.


Other services:

Viewfinder clean

Dust, debris and fungus can build up in the viewfinder. 

Refitting parts

Parts can often come loose, this Canon AE-1 Program needed its film counter window refitting.

Replacement leather finish

We also offer a replacement leather finish service which costs £45 for a Canon AE-1 or AE-1 Program. If your camera is already in for a repair the cost will be lower. 

Leather colours.jpg


If you are getting in contact regarding a repair or refurbishment please indicate the camera model and what work you would like completed.

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