Minolta X-700 & X-300 Repairs

If you would like your Minolta X-700 or X-300 repaired please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Blown Capacitor Repair

The Minolta X series has a common fault where a capacitors blows which prevents the shutter from firing. 


With new batteries inserted you should be able to see the LEDs functioning in the viewfinder but the shutter won't fire. You will not be able to wind the film advance handle, make sure you do not try and force the camera to advance as this can cause further damage.


Minolta X-300 = £25

Minolta X-700 = £45

The X-700 has two capacitors that can blow, both will be replaced in order to prevent any more issues occurring in the future. It is also recommended that the light seals and mirror bumper are replaced on either model if they haven't been already, this can be completed for an additional fee of £20.




If you are getting in contact regarding a repair or refurbishment please indicate the camera model and what work you would like completed.

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