Custom Painted Olympus Trip 35s

Custom Painted Olympus Trip 35s

We repair a lot of Olympus Trip 35s, in fact in 2023 we serviced over 100 of them! Sometimes cameras come in that have corroded or rusted parts that need to be replaced. Rather than just throwing these damaged parts away we decided to keep hold of them. After about a year we decided the best way to make use of these parts would be to have them repainted, which would help to cover up any damage. Below you can see an example of a rusted film door and corroded top plate:

The top plates that we had collected needed to be stripped down before being sent off for repainting. This meant removing both of the camera strap lugs, plastic eyepiece, hot shoe and film counter window. Once sent off, all the parts were sandblasted to remove any rust of corrosion, cleaned and there coated with a Cerakote paint. Once return to us we could reassemble the top plates and hand paint the white "Olympus Trip 35" lettering. 

This process has allowed us to reduce the amount of waste produced by our business, making use of parts that would have otherwise ended up in landfill. While some blemishes are still visible through the paint, they still look fantastic! Sadly due to the way in which the top plates were painted the hot shoe is not functional, to use a flash users will have to use a flash sync cable. 

We had enough parts to produce a limited run of 5 custom painted cameras, all of which received a full service. A mix of black, white and grey paint was used, then paired with a combination of leathers and matching wrist straps. Each limited edition camera will be available for purchase for £224.99. Click the link to check out all our Olympus Trip 35s

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