What's included in your order

What's included in your order


All 35mm cameras over £25 will come with a roll of JFR Film! 

If your camera requires DX loading then the roll of film will be fitted with a DX code label.

JFR Film is Fomapan 200 bulk loaded into up-cycled film canisters provided by The Film Safe. It is perfect for testing out your new camera and can produce some fantastic results!


All UK orders come with both a discount for 30% off Development & Scanning at The Film Safe and a discount off your next order at JFR Film!


Who doesn't love stickers? Every order will come with one of our #filmisnotdead stickers! 


User manuals & guides

If you have ordered an Olympus Trip 35 you will receive a custom user manual to help you get started!

If you have ordered a manual SLR you will receive a custom tips & tricks sheet so you can make the most out of your new camera!

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