The Film Safe

The Film Safe

For the last year I have been teamed up with The Film Safe! They are an independent film lab that do an absolutely fantastic job of developing & scanning all of my colour negative and black & white film.

Prices start at just £7 and all of my UK customers get a discount code for an additional 30% off with their orders. 

Here are some examples of my photos that have been developed & scanned by The Film Safe:

Medium Resolution Scan. Fuji GA645w. Lomography Colour Negative 100.
Low resolution scan. Pentax K1000. Fujifilm 200.
Medium resolution scan. Yashica FX-3. Fomapan 200.

Additionally, The Film Safe also supply me with empty film canisters that are left over after customer's film has been developed. Instead of them going to waste they are up-cycled and reloaded with Fomapan 200 before being rebranded as JFR Film and included in camera orders via my website!

To find out more information on The Film Safe's services make sure to check out their website

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