Frankenstein's Pentax K1000

Frankenstein's Pentax K1000

Here at JFR Film we are always trying to make sure nothing goes to waste. When we receive a camera that does not work and cannot be saved, we scrap it for parts. These spare parts are then used to repair other cameras that come in with issues. Every so often we get enough spare parts from different cameras that we can build a whole camera out of them! That's exactly what we have done with this Pentax K1000

Parts from around 4 or 5 cameras were used to make this Pentax K1000, which was build completely from the ground up. We didn't have a spare light meter available so we built this one without one! That means it has no built in electronics to go wrong, this is a camera that will work for many, many years.

Due to it having no built in light meter we decided to pair it with a KEKS KM-Q hot shoe mounted light meter (RRP £79.99). These fantastic little light meters are incredibly accurate.

Here are some pictures taken on another Pentax K1000, metered with a KEKS light meter:

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