Milly's Cameras

Milly's Cameras

Milly's cameras have been repairing cameras since before I was born! Now they provide me with my all important repair and refurbishment supplies. Over time the light seals in almost every film camera will degrade and become sticky or even moldy. Therefore I ensure that all cameras on my store receive brand new light seals to prevent the dreaded light leaks showing up on your images. Sheets of the highest quality light seal foam are provided by Milly's cameras.

Light seal foam

Just like the light seals, the leather finish on cameras is also at risk of degrading over time. Milly's cameras provide me with replacement leather in a wide array of colours and designs. This allows me to not only restore the camera back to how it will have originally looked but I can also create customised cameras. One of the most popular cameras that I customise is the world-renowned Olympus Trip 35.

Some of the many colours that you can buy from my store! 


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