The World's Smallest SLR

The World's Smallest SLR

The Pentax Auto 110 is claimed to be the world’s smallest SLR that has interchangeable lenses. It was produced from 1978 by Pentax Asahi and takes 110 film cartridges. This was a new film format introduced by Kodak in 1972, production off 110 film was continued by Fujifilm until 2009. However, in 2011 Lomography started producing 110 film and have continued to this today.


What a 110 Film Cartridge looks like

When the Pentax Auto 110 was first released there were 3 interchangeable lenses available, a 13mm, 24mm and a 50mm lens. 3 more lenses were introduced in 1981 when the Pentax Auto 110 Super was releases, which was an improved version of the same camera. Also available were a flash unit and a power winder which actually made the tiny camera a little easier to hold.


Images were taken on Lomography Colour Tiger

A big thank you to Film for supplying me with the film then developing & scanning it for me. All customers who purchase a 110 film camera from my website will receive a discount code for 10% off developing & scanning!

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