Olympus OM1 & OM1n

If you would like your Olympus OM1 or OM1n repaired please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Desilvered prism repair

Cost = £25 for the part + labour (£40)

The prism inside the Olympus OM1 is topped with foam, over time as this degrades it can damage the silver coating of the prism. You may see a black fungus like growth through the viewfinder that indicates that your prism has desilvered. While this does not impact the camera's function it can become distracting while trying to focus the camera. The best course of action is to replace the prism as a whole and remove/replace any foam to prevent any damage to the new prism. 


Even if your prism has not desilvered it is recommended that it is removed to prevent damage occuring in the future. 

Fitting replacement light seals

If you would like the light seals replaced on your Olympus OM1 this will cost £35 which includes the removal of the foam on top of the prism. If your camera is already in for a repair the cost will be lower.


Viewfinder clean

Cost = £25

Debris from the light seals and prism foam can make their way onto the inside of the viewfinder glass which can become distracting when trying to focus the camera. In order to access the inside of the viewfinder the whole of the top plate needs to be removed.


External clean:

Whenever a camera comes in for a repair it will recieve a complimentary clean free of charge! The Olympus OM-1 often has marks on the top plate caused by degrading rubber from the hot shoe accessory.

Replacement leather finish

We also offer a replacement leather finish service which costs £40 for a Olympus OM1. If your camera is already in for a repair the cost will be lower. 

Leather colours.jpg


If you are getting in contact regarding a repair or refurbishment please indicate the camera model and what work you would like completed.

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