Olympus Trip 35 Repairs & Refurbishments

If you would like your Olympus Trip 35 repaired or refurbished please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Full service


The following will be completed as standard during a full service:

1. All cameras will be fully checked over to ensure they are functioning correctly before work commences (if a repair is required you will be contacted to confirm if you want to proceed).

2. Shutter system cleaned and lubricated 

3. Dust, debris and fungus removed from the lens and re-lubrication of the focus mechanism

4. ISO, focus and aperture selection rings cleaned and lubricated

5. Fitting replacement light seals (including the internal light seal)

6. Cleaning the viewfinder and replacing the internal cover

7. Internal and external clean

8. Paint touch up for damaged parts 

9. New leather finish 

In order to properly service the camera the old leather finished needs to be removed. All of the available coloured leathers can be previewed here.


Prices start at £40 depending on how much work is needed and if any replacement parts are required. If your camera is already in for a service the cost of any repairs will be reduced. 

The Olympus Trip 35 was a well designed camera therefore many faults are fixable. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Stuck aperture blades & faulty red flag

This is the most common issue seen in an Olympus Trip 35! Oil makes its way onto the aperture blades causing them to stick, this also prevents the red flag from working.

2. Oily shutter blades

This is less common than the issue above but is still seen on occasion. Oil on the shutter blades may cause the shutter speeds to be sluggish or the shutter may not fire at all.

3. Stuck film advance

A number of small cogs within the camera's film advance mechanism can break if the camera has been dropped or mishandled and stop the thumb-wheel from spinning. This can be repaired by replacing the broken cog.

4. Out of focus lens 

The lens can become out of focus due to the camera being damage or incorrectly reassembled when taken apart. The lens will need to be re-calibrated using a collimator.

5. Flash not working

Sometimes the wire that attaches the hot shoe mount (where you attach your flash unit) can become detached. 

6. Damaged filter ring

If your camera has been dropped it's likely the filter ring has become dented. Minor dents can be reshaped but larger dents may require a complete replacement of the filter ring.

7. Missing parts

Some parts of the camera can break off such as the eye piece for the viewfinder or a camera strap lug. These parts can be replaced on request.  

What can't be repaired?

Sadly there are a couple of things that I am unable to repair simply due to a lack of available parts, this includes:

  1. Replacing dead selenium cells 
  2. Replacing the glass element of the lens if it has been damaged  

If your camera has either of these issues please get in contact if you would like to sell your camera for parts and help save another Olympus Trip 35!


If you are getting in contact regarding a repair or refurbishment please indicate the camera model and what work you would like completed.

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