The camera I took to London

The camera I took to London

Whenever I go out somewhere interesting I always grab a point & shoot from my stock to test out. When Kez and I went to London to do some shopping I decided to take an Olympus MJU III 80.

A bit of background info:

Before we dive in, let's take a moment to appreciate the rich history of the MJU series. They are known for their compact, stylish designs and outstanding image quality. The Olympus MJU II is the most desirable model with its fantastic f/2.8 35mm lens. There were also variations of the MJU II that had a zoom lens and a pop up flash. Olympus then made improvements on these zoom models and released the MJU III line.


38-80mm zoom lens - zoom lens have a reputation of being lesser than their fixed focal length alternatives. However, this Olympus lens produces some beautifully sharp images! (scroll down for sample photos)

Weatherproof - Olympus made the MJU III series weather resistant meaning you can use it in light rain or snow without worrying. Luckily for us London provided with stunning blue skies all day so I didn't get to chance to test this feature out!

Auto focus & Auto exposure - Once you have loaded the film you don't need to think about anything else, a true point & shoot. The Olympus MJU III handled all the situations I threw at it very well, in doors or out doors, sunny or shaded, the photos all came out well exposed and in focus.

Camera shake indicator - The most annoying thing is getting your scans back from the development lab and seeing motion blur in your photos from shaky hands. The Olympus MJU III has an LED indicator in the viewfinder to notify you that your camera is shaking and photo might be blurry, no more wasted frames!

Other features include a self timer, DX coding, infinity focus setting and even the ability to use a remote shutter release button!

Here is a closer look at the finer details of an Olympus MJU III Zoom 80:

Photos from London:

I'm not a massive street photographer, I prefer shooting in nature, but this seemed like a good opportunity to give it a try:

The Olympus MJU III handled portraits very well! Swipe to see Kez with her Olympus Pen EE-2:

Some other miscellaneous photos including a fantastic burger and beer from the Seven Dials Indoor Food Market:

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