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JFR Film

Olympus OM-1 - Black

Olympus OM-1 - Black

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35mm SLR Film Camera

What's included?

  • Olympus OM-1 camera body - Black Version
  • Olympus Zuiko f/1.8 50mm lens
  • Olympus lens cap 
  • SR44 to PX625 battery adapter 
  • Original neck strap
  • Soft press shutter button 
  • 3D printer motor wind cover 
  • Battery (UK orders only)
  • Custom tips & tricks guide
  • Roll of JFR Film
  • 30% discount off development & scanning your film
  • More

Film and accessories available separately

Camera features:

  • Manual focusing
  • Manual exposure
  • Self timer
  • Built in light meter 
  • f/1.8 50mm lens
  • Original leather finish 
  • Brand new light seals

Condition: This item is in great condition, it has been tested and is fully functional. This camera has been converted to take SR44 batteries. The lens has minimal dust and there are no signs of fungus. 

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