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JFR Film

Pentax K1000

Pentax K1000

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35mm SLR Film Camera

What's included?

  • Pentax K1000 body
  • F/2 50mm Pentax lens
  • Battery (UK orders only)
  • Custom tips & tricks sheet
  • Roll of JFR Film
  • 30% discount off development & scanning your film
  • More

Film and accessories available separately

Camera features:

  • Manual focus
  • Manual exposure settings
  • Built in lightmeter 
  • F/2 lens
  • Brand new light seals 
  • Original leather finish 

Condition: This item is in great condition, it has been tested and is fully functional. Please note there is a small amount of desilvering of the prism visible from a certain angle in the viewfinder. However it does not impact focusing and has been reflected in the price. The lens has minimal dust and there are no signs fungus. 

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